Okay, Page 59 is complete, as we’re getting close to finished with this chapter… I was really excited about this page, I wanted to make a page that would visually show what it’s like to loose all sense of balance, and thought of the idea of having a page that read in the order of a clock, twisting into the center. Super happy with how it came out. For those of you who’ve been following the comic, it would mean a lot if you could add the comic on tapas: https://tapas.io/series/QuarterlyStories

You have to have an account on there, but if you make an account, then add Quarterly Stories to your library, it goes a long way to support the creation of this book. I’ll still be serializing the graphic novel on this main site, but Tapas offers the opportunity for me to expand my readership to a broader audience. Regardless, thanks to those of you who’ve been reading along on this site, and I will continue to try to make the best pages I possibly can, to hopefully enlighten/entertain the readers.