We’re at page 21 (24 if you include chapter pages and the cover)! Which means we’re either legally able to drink as a webcomic, or we’re faking being 3 less, and perhaps we just wanted to pretend we’re younger. Also, for some reason I’m calling myself we.

Since this is autobiographical, I thought I’d point out some things that are very specific to the time it’s taking place in. Look at the page above, and notice: 1. Lacoste shirt. 2. Oakley Razor Sunglasses (not Joke-leys) 3. Reebok Pumps. 4. MC Hammer pants.

Oh yes.

Here’s the roughs for the last page, and this page, for those of you who like to see a bit behind the process:

Roughs for Page 20 Roughs for Page 21