Alright we’re at page six! I thought it would be funny to go through the process of logic that I used to go through when I was at this point of depression in my life as though it was a mathematical equation or infographic. The Belding awards used to be a prestigious advertising award. I remember my father used to have the award (this big silver bowl) sitting on a side table and filled with potpourri. It seemed like it was just a silver bowl of some sort for years, till I finally thought to ask him one day what it was, and he explained the award, which was apparently a big deal in the advertising world. I’ve since found out that they no longer even exist as an award. I feel like I’m finally settling into the style on this page. I hope you guys are enjoying the story so far.

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Finally, I’ll end this by showing you the original rough for the page above:

Page Six Rough Sketch
Rough for Page Six

A few of the panels have been shifted to the next pages, as I realized while doing the edit that this portion of the first story needs more breathing room.