A hand lettered Chapter Three title. This chapter was a labor to write, and should be difficult to complete. I’ve been posting progress pictures on my Facebook fan page (which you can follow on the bottom left of this page if you’re into seeing that sort of thing. I’m hoping to post a new page at least every other week, but we will see what time/life permit.

Having a kid, as well as adjusting to becoming a full time art director have definitely put a pause on the comic for a while, but this is a passion of mine, and I believe a story worth telling, so I plan to keep at it. For those of you who are new to the comic, please feel free to start the story from the beginning by clicking first under the comic page. You can then navigate to get caught up to speed. For those of you who’ve been following this since the beginning, thank you again for bearing with this long creative process. I hope to provide some payoff with as good of a story and artwork as I am able to produce.