This is the first page of the story “Two Stories” which I hope will function as the first comic of many that will form a full graphic novel. I’ll be covering different topics in these stories ranging from serious to silly, and thought it would be best to start at one of the heaviest topics this comic will be addressing. I thought I’d give a bit of insight into the process as I go along. Generally, with this comic, I’m drafting out scripts for each short story, then after revising and really working out the story elements, I plot out the pages as roughs, or “thumbnails.” This is what the page looked like at that stage:

Page 1 Rough

Rough draft of Page 1

Sometimes things change pretty heavily from the thumbnail to finish, however in this case, most of what I’d plotted out wound up staying in the final pencils, lettering and inks. This is an exciting point to get to with the new website, as the story is finally starting. I’ll look forward to hearing what you guys think!