page15 rough

Rough for Page 15

As you can see, the style and tone of the second chapter are a bit different, to hopefully fit the mood and era of this chapter.  Since my memories from childhood are much more nostalgic and surreal, I thought approaching the drawings and execution of this in a more cartoony and nostalgic way fits the mood of the comic more. The title sequence is directly referencing Harpers Weekly, which was one of the first periodicals to publish comics. The reasoning for this is to set the Sunday comics mood of the following story, as well as to give a shout out to the history of cartooning.

This chapter is titled “Character Building,” and will, like the title suggests, build a bit on the main character, now that we know what the stakes are. Below the comic, I’ve posted the original rough. Not too much changed from the initial concept to the final execution.

In this comic, I’m also discussing Back to the Future, which had a huge impact on me as a kid. It was kind of a big deal. For those of you who didn’t grow up in the eighties, hopefully you’ll still have seen this epic series of films, I still love them (particularly one and two) to this day.