Page 2 Rough

Rough Draft of Page Two

Above is my original rough draft for the page. I love to show a bit behind the process of what I do.

For this narrative I’m referencing the classic film It’s A Wonderful Life in which the main character, George Bailey, is so distraught with his circumstances that he chooses to jump off of a bridge, but is saved at the last minute by an angel named Clarence. The typographic treatment is further referencing the film’s title card. The whole film is actually available on youtube for free in it’s entirety, and is fantastic

There were so many parallels between the narrative and the story, I thought it would be best to bring a mention of it into the narrative. The self comparison to Shakespeare’s sense of loss and pointlessness crossed with the fear of the unknown also seemed an apt parallel to make, since when ever I’ve been in a state of serious depression, I tend to exaggerate or blow things out of proportion seeing life as a stage of sorts.

It’s awesome unintentional timing that this happens to be around Christmas time for this page. More to come soon!