Page 10 Roughs

Roughs for Page 10

We’re finally at the point where the stakes are at their highest for the story. For this page I definitely wanted to use repetition and subtle visual rhythms to function as almost a drum roll. Hopefully the tension is built up. I’ve included the roughs for page ten above.  For certain moments, when going to the final page I decided to simplify the sequences or extend them. Since the action of him getting off of the guard rail of the bridge was missing, it initially felt weird, so I added that into it to avoid confusion. Hopefully you guys are interested in the story and enjoying where it’s going so far. If you are, let me know what you think so far!

Speaking of letting me know what you think, the awesome G.E. Gallas posted a link to Quarterly Stories in her blog list of suggestions for webcomics to check out! This was awesome to see, since sometimes it’s difficult to tell beyond the stats of visitors of the webpage, who exactly is reading or enjoying the work:

It completely made my day when I came across that post yesterday! If any other readers post links to Quarterly Stories, it definitely means a lot, and helps grow the readers for this, and also encourages me to keep plugging out these pages.

On a final note, I recently finished Reading “A Drifting Life” by Yoshihiro Tatsumi, and it both humbled and inspired me. It’s autobiographical, which is definitely something I love seeing (since I’m delving into those waters (no pun intended) myself). It is also the product of over ten years of hard work cartooning, and is a stunning history of some of the early manga artists in Japan, as well as some side history of Japan itself. I highly recommend it to anyone who is enjoying my comic. It’s also amazingly edited for the English Translation and lettered by Adrian Tomine, who is easily one of my favorite cartoonists, and definitely didn’t disappoint as an editor. Here’s a link to the book:

Lastly, Happy Valentines Day!