Rough draft of page 12

Rough draft of page 12

We’re now at page 12 of Quarterly Stories. There’ve been some really interesting top secret things happening in both my personal and professional life that I can’t publicly talk about just yet, but have been occupying a lot of time. I still intend to blog more thoroughly about LA Zine fest and the awesome stuff I picked up there, but that’s had to be shelved due to these things. However, keep checking back, I’ll be attempting to post about it later this week.

For this page, I had a lot of fun drawing the taxi driver. Older faces are always really intriguing to draw. I also decided to pull in to close up views of the character to bring it away from the feeling of isolation to a more intimate internal dialogue. Hopefully that reads well.

Once again G.E. Gallas went above and beyond as a reader, and wrote up this extremely flattering feature on my comic on her blog:

It’s awesome to receive support and feedback like that this early on in this webcomic/graphic novel, and it’s extremely rad to know what I’m doing is having some sort of impact, and a positive one, it’s super awesome to read.

We’re getting closer to the end of chapter one which will see a rapid shift in style and tone, but tie together thematically. I’m really looking forward to blogging in depth about LA Zine fest, because I got to read some incredible minis and zines, some by the cartooning community I occasionally would hang out with in Portland, and some by folks who I’d never heard of, but are promising and exciting. I’m holding off till I have ample time to do some call outs.

You might also notice, a few things changed from the rough to the final. In the rough page, I initially wanted the main character to hit himself with the phone, but that’s almost impossible to depict as an action which doesn’t appear entirely too silly for the tone of the story, and is also hard to read in the visual language of comics. I decided having the character pull a Charlie Brown style head thump against a wall would be far more affective, and communicate the same level of frustration, equally cause the same result, a beat up face. Ultimately, I felt that resulted in a far more effective narrative.

To finish off this long winded post, once again, for those of you who are reading, thanks, and have a fantastic week!